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Lunchtime is About More Than Just Food

If the kitchen is said to be the heart of the home, then the Family Dining Program is certainly the heart of our school.

Lunchtime at Peck isn't just for eating—it's an opportunity for everyone to come together, chat, and learn more about one another outside of the usual classroom setting. For more than three decades, our Family Dining tradition has played a pivotal role in fostering a sense of unity and connectedness across our community. This cherished practice allows students and faculty from different grades and homerooms to build deeper relationships while sharing a meal.

Connecting at Lunch

Student Announcements

For students, lunch is a great time to address their peers, from recapping sports highlights and kudos to teammates, to sharing Student Council news and promoting student-run events. We even share a laugh together on Fridays with Friday Funnies! 

Celebrating Birthdays

We take birthdays pretty seriously at Peck. From the birthday banner that hangs in the dining hall to grade-level shoutouts during lunch, we make your child feel special on their big day.

Parent Lunch Proctors

Eating lunch with your child and their friends is a great way to be involved in daily life at Peck, and make connections within the community. Parents (or grandparents!) can volunteer to proctor lunch throughout the year.

Nuts & Bolts

Family Dining