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Welcome to this remarkable school.

Welcome to The Peck School’s website, a treasure trove of information about our wonderful school.

As both Peck’s Head of School and a Peck parent of three, I, along with most Peck parents, frequently find myself wishing time to slow down so that our children don’t grow up too quickly. We all cherish the innocence and unbridled curiosity that dominate the elementary and middle school years. While we know that we can’t freeze time, we also know that choosing a K-8 school like Peck can help keep the magic of those younger years alive, even just for a little while longer. 

One of the most important aspects of why a kindergarten through eighth grade school environment is so developmentally appropriate for kids is that they belong here, and they are the focus of our full attention. We don’t have high schoolers with high school problems that can overshadow the little joys of a K-8: from learning cursive and passing the comma test to making the first shot in basketball or finally being old enough to serve the table during family dining. 

Our students can bravely perform in the talent show, try out for the school musical, learn a new sport, and take on that leadership role, all under the watchful gaze of supportive faculty who will nurture these budding abilities. These moments are what make elementary and middle school memorable. 

Layered into this is a community where each child is known, valued, and belongs.  At Peck, our students bring their whole selves to school each day and thrive in a community that values diverse qualities, points of view, and talents. Our students are Lego-building lacrosse players and Rubik’s-cube-mastering hip-hop dancers; they are gifted artists who also win state history competitions, and they are talented athletes who also happen to be gifted mathematicians. 

In Peck’s K-8 community, we thrive from the unique contributions of students. Our nurturing yet challenging environment helps students discover their passions, push the limits of their abilities, and find peers who share the same passion and drive for creativity and learning. 

I invite you to learn more about how your child can grow into their potential while remaining a child a little bit longer at The Peck School. Our admissions office is here to help you explore the possibility of a Peck education.
We look forward to meeting you soon!
Andy Delinsky

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  • About Andy Delinsky

    In 2014, The Peck School Board of Trustees unanimously selected Andy Delinsky as the 11th Head of the Peck School after an extensive nationwide search. He brought seventeen years of independent school experience as a teacher and administrator to Peck, having served previously as Assistant Head of School and Upper School Principal at The Bullis School in Potomac, MD.
    While at Bullis, Delinsky helped implement a new STEM program, “Beyond the Books,” an initiative to promote student character education and personal development; and an entrepreneurship program that brings real-world small business development to students. His passion for excellence in teaching and experience in implementing 21st century curriculums is evident throughout his long history as an educator and scholar.
    Andy earned his Master of Arts in English at the prestigious Bread Loaf School of English at Middlebury College in 2003, following his Bachelor of Arts in English from Franklin & Marshall College in 1997. In 2013, he completed a Master of Science in Leadership at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, where he was valedictorian of his class. Andy currently is a board member at The Rivers School in Weston, MA.
    During the last five years at Peck, Andy oversaw the creation of a new 5-year strategic plan and resulting campus master plan; a $13 million capital campaign resulting in the construction of The Peck Commons building and numerous campus renovations; the creation of Kindergarten, Lower School, and Upper School Idea & Design Labs; and a transformation of the school’s curriculum while maintaining connections to Peck’s traditions and history.



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