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Our Program

Structured Play and Intentional Physical Activity

It’s only natural that teamwork and sportsmanship be as integral to Peck Pride across our playing fields as they are within our classrooms.

At Peck, we recognize that part of a healthy childhood is the opportunity to learn, grow, and mature through structured play and intentional physical activity. At all grade levels, our master teachers and coaches provide ample positive experiences that result in a lifelong appreciation for sports and physical exercise, and a deep understanding and respect for teamwork and good sportsmanship.

Peck’s Athletic Department offers students a distinctive program that is based in character education, and respectful of developmental needs at every stage.
  • Peck students enjoy access to excellent indoor and outdoor facilities that extend more than 14 acres and include the 32,000 square-foot Athletic Center.

  • In grades K-2, students are actively involved in games and drills designed to develop and strengthen fundamental motor skills.

  • Through intramural sports, grades 3-4 begin to focus on developing specific athletic skills, a healthy spirit of competition, and a working knowledge of the strategies involved in sports such as soccer, field hockey, basketball, volleyball, floor hockey, lacrosse, softball, and baseball.

  • Grades 5-6 continue their intramural programs in the winter sports of basketball, floor hockey, and volleyball. In the fall and spring, they test their skills through interscholastic competition in soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, softball, and baseball.

  • Our grade 7-8 program offers students a complete interscholastic experience in the sports of basketball, cross country, field hockey, ice hockey, lacrosse, softball, and volleyball. There are over 200 competitions among more than 48 different public, independent, and parochial schools as well as tournament play in many of these sports.

  • Throughout, we consciously teach character as well as competition, teamwork as well as technique, and responsibility as well as rebounding. Our Physical Education and Athletics Program is about so much more than the fitness of our students or the quality of our athletes--it is a critical part of our emphasis on character development, and a demonstration of our core values in action.

Olivia '16

Although many different things at Peck have affected me in such a positive way, I think that the unity of our team has affected me the most.  This is really special because, although we play at a very competitive level, we treat each other like family.
    • The Peck Pride

      Serving as a rallying cry for school spirit and our sports teams, The Peck Pride (and our mascot representing a pride—a family—of lions) stands for values we nurture throughout our athletic program: courage, teamwork, perseverance, loyalty, determination, strength of body, mind, and heart; and of course, pride in yourself and in your Peck teammates.

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  • Photo of Pat Houlihan

    Dr. Pat Houlihan 

    The Peck School
    Director of Athletics
  • Photo of Laura Caruso

    Laura Caruso 

    The Peck School
    Physical Education/Sports Teacher
  • Photo of Molly Donnelly

    Molly Donnelly 

    The Peck School
    PE Teacher/Coach
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    Adam Spadafora 

    The Peck School
    Physical Education/Sports Teacher



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