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Lower School Physical Education and Athletics

A Mindset for Life

The Physical Education and Athletics curriculum at Peck has been designed to instill and reinforce in students the kind of healthy living habits and positive attributes—such as good sportsmanship, leadership, and enthusiasm for physical activity—that will stay with them throughout their lives.  

From kindergarten through eighth grade, students discover what it truly means to find joy in active play, exercise, and team sports.

Abby '16

Looking back, I remember how much I loved playing the endless array of fun ‘bombardment’ games our coaches created! Lower School sports taught me the importance of teamwork and respect in general.

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  • Kindergarten through Second Grade

    A focus on movement and coordination, creative play and the joy of physical activity, and working cooperatively with others are the highlights of physical education classes in grades K through 2.   

    Each grade participates in structured and developmentally-appropriate (and fun) activities, games, and drills; strengthening basic motor skills and learning the fundamentals of sports strategy and teamwork.  Kindergarten students meet for their sports and physical education classes four times in a 2-week rotation for 30 minutes with their homerooms, and first and second graders each meet five times in a two-week rotation for 40 minutes.

    Additional topics covered are safety awareness, hygiene, teamwork building, character development, values, coordination development, creative play, and an introduction to basic anatomy.  The importance and cognitive awareness of sportsmanship and consideration of others are taught and reinforced throughout the year.
  • Third and Fourth Grade

    Through intramural sports, grades 3-4 begin to focus on developing specific athletic skills, a healthy spirit of competition, and a working knowledge of the strategies involved in a number of seasonal sports. Positive sportsmanship and team play is a major emphasis during classes, helping students build upon their skills with collaborative teamwork, coordination, partnership, values, and decision-making. Additionally, students learn about conditioning, leadership, anatomy, physical fitness, safety awareness, and hygiene.

    The third and fourth grades meet together for sports and physical education classes four times in a six-day rotation, for 45 minutes.  A variety of sports equipment is used in games and drills, ultimately preparing students for future athletic endeavors.

    In preparation for the Upper School sports program which begins in fifth grade, grades 3-4 also focus on the rules and regulations of the different sports offered at Peck, in groups separated by gender.  Students change into school-provided uniforms for classes, reinforcing a sense of athleticism, bonding, and the team unit.

    The consideration of others and InDeCoRe values are continually reinforced and strengthened.



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