Admissions FAQ's

To help you through the Admissions process, we’ve collected several common questions asked by families applying to Peck, and to independent schools in general. (And as always, please feel free to contact our office anytime with additional questions or comments!)

List of 12 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. What distinguishes Peck faculty from other elementary/middle schools?

    The Peck School has a long tradition of preparing students to be strong leaders, lifelong learners, and empathic citizens of the world. Our graduates are highly regarded by admissions teams at many of the very best secondary schools in the country.

    We achieve our secondary school results by employing and retaining an exemplary faculty and staff. Peck teachers are professional educators with well developed classroom skills who are knowledgeable in the developmental needs of elementary and middle school aged children. They are masters of their subject matter, are well-prepared and organized, and set high expectations for their students. They are dedicated and reflective educators who form strong relationships with their students. In fact, many of them are parents of current or former Peck students. Talk to some of them when you visit with us and you will find them to be exceptionally vibrant and caring members of an exceptional learning community.
  • Q. At what grades do you accept students?

    We accept students at all grade levels from Kindergarten to eighth grade.  However, there is optimal opportunity for admittance during the most common “entry” years—in Kindergarten (the beginning of Lower School), and in fifth grade (the beginning of Upper School).  

    We strongly encourage parents who are considering entering Peck at any grade level to contact the Admissions Office to arrange a tour and conversation as early in the admissions season as possible.
  • Q. How long is the school day?

    Classes for all students begin at 8 a.m., with both Lower and Upper School students first spending in "Morning Meetings" with their Homeroom teachers (K-4) or their Advisors (5-8) as a way to strengthen community, and start the day on a positive, joyful note.

    Classes end for Grades K-4 at 3 p.m., Monday-Friday.  Classes end for Grades 5-8 end at 3:50 p.m. (with athletic games, on average, scheduled between 3-4:30 p.m, Tuesday-Thursday.)

    Additionally, Peck provides an AfterSchool care program from 3 to 6 p.m.
  • Q. What is the average class size at Peck?

    Our program structure and class sizes are designed to ensure that students benefit from small-group instruction, individualized attention, and an environment where each feels known.

    Our student-teacher ratio is 7:1, with Lower School (K-4) homerooms averaging 15-18 students and Upper School (5-8) classes averaging 12-15.

    Lower School homerooms are taught by both a lead teacher and an Associate Teacher co-teaching the class, with a number of Educational Specialists dedicated to reading, math, science and design, art, and music.

    In addition to small class sizes, Upper School students benefit from small-group Advisories (avg. 5-8 students) that nurture meaningful and strong connections throughout the year.
  • Q. Does Peck offer after-hours supervision?

    Yes!  Parents may enroll their child in Peck's AfterSchool program on a regular or as-needed basis.  AfterSchool runs Monday-Friday, 3 - 6 p.m., and not only offers supervision and time for homework, but also community-building fun and enrichment. 

    Additionally, parents may enroll their child in Peck Enrichment Program (PEP) classes which are 8-week long classes offered during AfterSchool hours.  

    PEP classes vary year by year, and range from academic enrichment, to sports and performance, to arts and music, to creative play.
  • Q. What are the application deadlines?

    We welcome inquiries for entrance to all grades are throughout the year, however, optimal opportunity for enrollment exists when following the timelines below:

    Early Bird Application Fee Waiver:  Families applying prior to Nov. 1 may use a promotional code to waive the non-refundable application fee. (Contact the Admissions office for the code.)

    Application Deadline:  Applications received by January 15 will receive an early March notification, and applications submitted thereafter will be on a rolling basis as space allows.

    Financial Assistance Applications: Requests for aid are made at the time of application, and then families must complete and submit a TADS application prior to January 15.  Read more here.
  • Q. What do you look for when making Admissions decisions?

    The Admissions Committee seeks students who have the ability to succeed academically at Peck and whose families are committed to the core values of the school. We also look for qualified students who represent a diverse range of racial, economic, cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. Our ultimate goal is to identify bright minds with the potential to grow into young persons of integrity, confidence, and poise, with a love for learning, who may go on to impact their communities and the world as responsible, ethical leaders.
  • Q. Do you offer financial aid?

    Yes. The Peck School designates a certain amount every year to be awarded to families in the form of financial aid. Aid is granted on a needs basis and is determined by a family's ability to meet educational expenses, not a willingness or unwillingness to pay. While the admissions and financial aid processes are separate, there are times when, due to a limited financial aid budget, "need aware" admissions decisions may be made. Families who choose not to apply for financial aid when applying for admission to the school will not be considered for a financial aid award in the future unless their financial situation changes significantly. Families receiving financial aid will need to reapply for aid each year, therefore grants may be adjusted if the family's financial situation changes.

    If you understand the value of a Peck School education yet worry about the affordability, here are a few things you should know.
  • Q. Where do Peck graduates go to high school?

    Peck graduates go on to pursue their education at some of the best, most prestigious boarding and day schools across the region and the nation. Our secondary school placement results speak for themselves: see our most recent 5-year study on high school and college matriculation. 

    A dedicated Director of Secondary School Counseling, along with our faculty and staff, counsel and support your family through the complex process of choosing a secondary school that’s right for your child.
  • Q. How can parents get involved at Peck?

    Peck greatly values its strong partnership with parents.  Communication between home and school is one of the cornerstones of a Peck education.  Working together, hand in hand as a team, is the most effective way to provide each student with the support, guidance, and encouragement needed throughout their elementary and middle school years.  Read more.

    In addition, the Peck Parents Association (PA) is an integral and robust part of our vibrant community.  Upon enrollment, all parents are automatically members of the PA, and are encouraged to volunteer on special committees, become class parents, help organize events, and get involved in the everyday life of the school.  There are also a number of PA-sponsored events throughout the year that give parents a chance to socialize, have fun, and develop lasting friendships.
  • Q. How do I receive more information about Peck?

    Our school office hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Please feel free to call Wanda Fiorini, our Admissions Associate, at 973-539-8660 x 108 or email her at

    You can also fill out our Information Request form, and you will be contacted shortly by a member of our Admissions office.
  • Q. Does Peck have a dress code?

    To set a productive tone, minimize distractions, and signal equal stature, The Peck School has established a Uniform Dress Code for all grades, K-8.

    In addition, the PA maintains a “Swap Shop” for gently-used uniforms in good condition.  Families are encouraged to donate uniform tops and bottoms as well as Commencement attire, and can also select items that fit their child at no cost.

Private School Questions

The Peck School is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) and the New Jersey Association of Independent Schools (NJAIS).  The websites of both organizations have comprehensive resources for parents looking to discover more about independent schools. Click here to view NAIS Resources for parents.



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