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Beginning in Grade 3, Peck students explore the world of woodworking. The skills they build while mastering the use of hand tools and machinery often complement cross-curricular themes and projects, such as sawing and sanding to create folk toys as part of a larger study of regional history.
  • Real-world Construction: With a real-world focus, the woodshop challenges students to use their hands and heads to bring concrete solutions to life.  Students have built clocks, stools, mazes, and chessboards in the past.
  • Laser-Cutter: Along with traditional machinery and tools, a laser-cutter gives students greater precision and the ability to integrate more complex designs.
  • Cross-Curricular: Woodworking teacher Mark Mortensen has been collaborating with teachers in other disciplines to blend woodworking projects with assignments in other subjects. As an example, eighth-grade physics students were inspired to use the laser cutter to manufacture catapult components for their trebuchet projects. Students who were studying robotics with Upper School Technology Integrator Bruce Schwartz laser-etched scale model replicas of facades of the Morristown Green in order to construct a miniature downtown for a project simulating automated cars.



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