About Peck

Mission and Philosophy

Mission Statement

We believe that, in life, knowledge must be guided by values. Through a commitment to character formation and a rigorous and inspirational academic program, The Peck School strives to build in each student the capacity for disciplined learning and consideration of others. With dedicated faculty and families, we prepare our students to succeed in secondary school and to lead healthy, productive, and principled lives.

A Brighter Balance

It might start with a news headline and lead to a discussion about humanitarian response. Or maybe it starts with an Internet search and leads to a renewed interest in algebra. At Peck we prepare our students to fully realize their potential through a balanced, interconnected pursuit of growth in our three fundamental areas, our three pillars: Rigorous Academics, Character Development, and 21st Century Life Skills.

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  • Rigorous Academics

    From a teacher reading aloud to kindergartners, to a third grade discussion—in Spanish—of students’ favorite foods, to a group of seventh grade students collaborating to solve a set of problems in genetics, The Peck School resounds with active learning. In both the Lower School and the Upper School, Peck classes are challenging and fun. The innovative, experienced teachers encourage their students to excel.
  • Character Development

    Academic achievement depends on developing a robust set of character traits that are, in and of themselves, necessary for a productive and rewarding life: consideration of others, respect, care, gratitude, courage, resilience, and dedication. Peck faculty, staff, and students actively engage with the challenges and rewards of building strong character and community. Assemblies, lunch discussions, family nights, and formal projects often focus directly on character, values, and acting morally. Peck pioneered the acclaimed Individual Development and Community Responsibility (InDeCoRe) program that unifies and guides our efforts to promote positive character development across our community.
  • Life Skills and Traits

    The world has changed since Peck’s founding in 1893 and continues to change in ways that are not entirely predictable. So Peck designed a Life Skills program to teach and promote those abilities that will allow our students to continue to grow, thrive, and adapt to the world they will live in after Peck: collaboration, public speaking, global perspective, real-world problem-solving, information literacy, critical thinking, and a growth mindset.

Peck does not discriminate on the basis of handicap in violation of Section 504 with regard to admissions or access to the school, treatment, or employment in its programs or activities. For any questions or concerns, please contact Director of Finance and Operations Andrew Schneider, Section 504 Coordinator, at aschneider@peckschool.org.