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Throughout the world of education, information delivery is being eclipsed by information discovery; a principle which lies at the heart of The Peck School’s emphasis on student-centered learning. This framework provides ample room for students to engage in collaborative experiences that promote active, responsible participation in one's own learning. Student-centered learning is most successful when teachers think inventively, model a growth mindset, and believe in their students’ innate capacity to lead.

Numerous projects and teaching approaches drawing upon the tenets of student-centered learning have energized inquiry at Peck—from using the Harkness approach in eighth-grade humanities classes, to the fifth-grade's yearlong civilizations project, to Mini-Mester and Lower School STEAM Week. The warm, nurturing environment of The Peck School’s Kindergarten flows into the balanced Lower School (K-4) curriculum, which in turn prepares students for success in the interdisciplinary Upper School (5-8) curriculum. At every stage, a Peck education incorporates and responds to your child’s individual learning style, abilities, and interests.

What Does Learning Look Like at The Peck School?

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