Secondary School Counseling

The Road Ahead

It is never too early to begin looking at the road ahead when it comes to your child's education. At Peck, we believe that matching your son or daughter with the right secondary school should be a carefully crafted process. 90% of our graduates matriculate to their first choice school. Our secondary school counseling delivers on the promise of a brighter future for your child.

Ella '17

Peck has been home to me since the third grade, and any other school would not have provided me with such a strong academic foundation or wonderful group of friends. There is no school that will be just the same. For me, applying to secondary schools opened my eyes to what Peck has taught me and how much I have enjoyed my time here!

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  • Process and Timeline

    Although the formal process of seeking application to a secondary school begins in the 7th grade, the actual process of finding “the right fit” upper school for our students begins the day they enroll. Our staff and faculty truly get to know each student and our secondary school counselor works diligently to match each student with their first choice school.
  • Results

    Our secondary school results speak for themselves. Over 90% of our students enroll in their first choice school. Our students go on to attend some of the best secondary schools in the country. Download our brochure entitled, “Secondary School and College Enrollment Success.”
  • Staying On Course

    Research shows that through full participation in a K to 8 program, students become stronger academically, happier personally and more confident as leaders. Your investment in The Peck School’s unique K-8 educational model is an investment that compounds over time.

    We steadfastly believe that staying the course with a K-8 education is critical to your child’s full and healthy development. Regardless of when your child enrolled at Peck, it is crucial that they reach the pinnacle of their Peck education in the 8th grade. For Peck students, 8th grade is truly the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Be Informed

It is crucial for your family to determine what type of secondary school is best for your son or daughter. Public or private? Large or small? Day or boarding? Urban or rural? Co-ed or single gender? Remember, secondary schools vary in many ways—academic rigor, size, structure, program, location. Our Secondary School Counselor will help you navigate all of these variables to determine what kind of school may be best for your child and your family.

Be Realistic

For every student, secondary schools should fall into a category—reach schools, those deemed reasonable, and those that fall in between. It is important to cast a wide net when first looking at possible schools, targeting and visiting at least two from each of those categories before narrowing your list. Our Secondary School Counselor will provide the objectivity you will need to put together a list that meets your family’s needs and standards.

Be Aware

Getting ready to move on to secondary school is an exciting time for your son or daughter, filled with anticipation, enthusiasm, and optimism. It can also cause some frustration, pressure, anxiety, and stress. The ups and downs that come with this process can be tough, so it is important to talk through the questions, frustrations, and anxieties.  Our Secondary School Counselor can help lead your family to the most positive outcome possible.
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