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Associate Teacher Program

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At its core, The Peck School’s Associate Teacher Program is an immersive opportunity designed for emerging teachers who are ready to take the next step toward becoming world-class educators in elementary education.

As an Associate Teacher, you will be paired with our Master Teachers in Peck’s Lower School (grades kindergarten through four) for the duration of this one-year, full-time program. Under their mentorship, and that of our Administration, you will refine your teaching technique and strategies, collaborate with leading educators, and regularly reflect on your teaching practice. As you grow in skill and experience, you will take on increasing responsibility in the classroom—participating in the breadth of experience needed to become a head teacher in your own right.

At the end of this program, all Associate Teachers will have developed portfolios documenting their progress as teachers. The Peck School also provides ongoing professional development and support.

The Associate Teacher Program is guided by two primary objectives:
  • To create a rich learning environment where talented new teachers can work alongside experienced professionals in creating the best possible education for our students.
  • To provide beginning teachers with broad support for growth, reflection, and career development, as they enter the next phase in their careers.
To that end, our Associate Teachers take an active part in the classroom, as well as the day-to-day life of our school. You will be welcomed as a member of the Peck faculty “family,” learn about our school’s distinctive traditions and exceptional K-to-8 program, and develop professional relationships with leading educators. As an Associate Teacher at Peck, you are integral to carrying out Peck’s mission to prepare bright young minds for healthy, productive, and principled lives.


List of 8 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. Where are the graduates of Peck's Associate Teacher program now?

    Graduates of the Peck Associate Teacher Program have gone on to have successful careers in education at both local and national independent schools. 
  • Q. Will I get practical experience as a teacher?


    Typically, Associate Teachers will begin the year by observing Master Teachers and will progress to leading small groups, leading and planning whole group lessons, and collaborating on the development of curriculum. In addition to instructional practices, Associate Teachers will also participate in the management of classroom materials and setup, report writing, and parent-teacher conferences. These experiences enable the Associate Teacher to be involved in all aspects of running a classroom.

    Likewise, Associate Teachers participate in all aspects of school life and culture, including regularly scheduled faculty meetings, professional development, and when possible, special nights, concerts, and plays.
    It is important to note that the Associate Teacher Program is a full-time job requiring a full-time level of commitment. Associate Teachers are asked to consider this level of commitment when planning classes or other outside activities.
  • Q. How will this program support my growth?

    The Peck School fully supports the professional growth and career development of our Associate Teachers.  You will regularly participate in reflective meetings and receive thoughtful, constructive feedback and support from our Master Teachers and the Administration.

    We also provide robust career guidance and recommendations, as well as several professional development opportunities throughout the year—both in-house, and with professional educational associations.
  • Q. What grade levels will I be teaching?

    The Peck School’s Lower School runs from grades kindergarten through four. As an Associate Teacher, you will typically be paired with a Master Teacher in one grade level for the duration of the year.
  • Q. What happens at the end of the program?

    Each Associate Teacher’s journey is unique.

    At the end of the program, successful Associate Teachers will have not only gained the breadth of experience necessary to pursue head teacher positions, but will also continue on their journey equipped with a professional portfolio of their work within our program.

    For Associate Teachers who wish to apply for head teaching positions at the culmination of their year, we will provide broad support and recommendations—both for openings at Peck and at other institutions. (Please understand, however, that we cannot guarantee that an Associate Teacher will be hired as a Head Teacher at Peck.) 

    In some instances, Associate Teachers may also be invited to return as an Associate Teacher for an additional year.  
  • Q. What are the requirements for the Associate Teacher Program at Peck?

    The ideal Associate Teacher will display intellectual curiosity, independent initiative, a thirst for collaboration and team-oriented work, and a willingness to take on new challenges.

    An undergraduate or master’s degree is required, as well as demonstrated experience working with children. A background in elementary education is preferred.
  • Q. What type of employment package is offered for Associate Teachers at Peck?

    The Associate Teacher Program is a one-year, full-time program. This position provides full benefits, including medical insurance, as well as a salary of $30,000 per year. Housing is available on a limited basis. Opportunities for earning additional income through stipended work are also available through the school.
  • Q. How do I apply for the program?

    When Associate Teacher positions are available, we post the job description on the Careers page of our website.  Please check there for details.



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