Sustaining a Vibrant, Diverse Community

Peck also recognizes the lasting value of values and as a community, we believe that the virtues we espouse will continue to serve our graduates in their careers, personal relationships, and lifelong journey.  

Within Part III of The Peck School's 2015 Strategic PlanA Transformative Community, is a push that reflects both our virtues and the necessary mindset for a globalized world—to implement support for school’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity. Peck's IEJ committee (Inclusion, Equity, and Justice) is an energizing force to deepen our own connections within the Peck community, celebrate differences, and engage locally and globally.

Several IEJ-inspired intiatives occur at Peck throughout the school year, happening at the student level, the teacher and administrative level, and the whole community level.

What is the Culture Club?