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Tech, Innovation, & Design


Creating Resilient and Innovative Problem-Solvers

Students need the right tools and the right mindset as they grow up in our rapidly evolving digital world.

As a leader in K-8 educational technology integration, we ensure that our students do more than just use technology—they become creators and problem solvers, able to express their ideas and unlock their creativity in innovative ways. Our approach values process over product and is built on design-thinking principles that emphasize creativity, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, computational skills, and responsible digital citizenship.

From hands-on projects that are high-tech, low-tech, or even no-tech, Peck students cultivate a well-rounded skill set that prepares them for the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Grades K-4

What skills do we cover in grades K-4?

Multimedia Creation
Digital Citizenship/Media Literacy
Typing Skills
Care & Operations of Devices
Graphic Design
Computational Thinking (Robotics & Coding)
Engineering & Design Thinking

Grades 5-8

What skills do we cover in grades 5-8?

Digital Literacy
Coding and Programming
3D Design
AI and Virtual Reality
Multimedia Production
Engineering & Design Thinking
Care & Operations of Devices

If you want unique opportunities, then this is the place! Bruce Schwartz
 Director of the Osborn Idea & Design Lab

Agency by Design Framework

This teaching and thinking framework is inspired by Harvard’s Project Zero, an initiative of the Harvard Graduate School of Education to understand and nurture human potential.  Tailored for elementary and middle school students, the framework centers on maker-based learning, empowering students to take charge and design solutions themselves. 

At Peck, we focus on nurturing creators, not just consumers. This approach builds the capacity to observe details, explore complexities, and discover opportunities. Students develop a sensitivity to design and engage in an iterative process, continuously refining and improving their creations. This method fosters a deeper understanding and a hands-on approach to learning that prepares them for real-world challenges.


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