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An Enriching Environment

At Peck, we foster an environment where students develop foundational skills, take appropriate risks, and gain confidence to reach their fullest potential.

Our commitment to holistic support includes caring teachers, small class sizes, and a collaborative Student Support Department, which ensures each student's individual needs are met for academic growth and character development.

At Peck, we pride ourselves on knowing each of our students and the environment that best supports their individual learning needs.

Peck's Student Support Team

Peck’s Student Support Team believes the following:

  • Every learner has unique strengths and opportunities for growth,
  • Clear and consistent communication is essential for the home-school partnership,
  • Ongoing progress monitoring is critical for growth, and 
  • Interventions should be guided by best practices.

Our Supportive Approach

Meet the Student Support Department

Sasha Armant

Sasha Armant

Titles: Lower School Learning Specialist: Student Support Department Chair
Amy Cohen

Amy Cohen

Titles: Upper School Learning Specialist
Janine Finnegan

Janine Finnegan

Titles: Lower School Reading Specialist
Lisa Pithers

Lisa Pithers

Titles: Upper School Psychologist
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Student Support