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More than just a match.

At Peck, we don’t “place” your child into a secondary school.  We go beyond simply finding a good fit for ninth grade, ensuring our students matriculate to schools that not only complement who they are now, but also who they can become.

Your child grows up knowing they can be authentically themselves at Peck. Together, we find where your child feels they truly belong for their high school career.

Beginning in seventh grade, students begin casting their vision of what secondary school could be. Guided by the expert hands of our Director of Secondary School Counseling, your child will explore and evaluate one of life’s most essential questions: Do I feel like I can belong here?

What are the benefits for students and families?


For Peck students, eighth grade is truly the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. And I tell them, don’t rush the road ahead. Stay in the moment, and when the time comes, we’ll be here to walk with you through the process.Christine Williams
Director of Secondary School Counseling

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Where do students go after Peck?

Our graduates have myriad choices when it comes to secondary schools. We work closely with your family to choose schools that best complement who each child is, and who they want to become. 



attend independent day schools


attend boarding schools


attend public schools

Secondary School Counseling