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The Peck Experience


inquiry energized

The Peck School sets the standard for excellence in K-8 education, where academic preparation and character development intersect powerfully in the learning experience.

By embedding consideration of others, service, and belonging in all that we do, we are designing an integrated approach to education that develops curious and disciplined learners who positively shape the world. Our teachers are experts in their fields and role models for lifelong learning and consideration of others. At Peck, students feel nurtured and known—fostering self-belief that sparks confidence, courage, and an enduring sense of purpose.

I am very grateful to Peck for the excellent education and the amazing staff who go to incredible lengths not just to teach our kids, but raise them to be good people. Upper School Parent


Kindergarten at Peck effectively fosters curiosity and joy, setting a solid groundwork for future learning adventures.

Lower School (Gr. K-4)

Lower School at Peck provides a distinctive educational environment that encourages creativity and curiosity, tailored to each child's individual learning style.

Upper School (Gr. 5-8)

Upper School at Peck delivers a dynamic educational experience focused on developing leadership skills by tapping into each student's unique capabilities and aspirations.