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Peck's K to 8 Pledge

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We Pledge To:

  • Provide a secure, nurturing, and child-centered environment to explore and fully realize their potential
  • Make space for childhood without the additional challenges, pressures, and distractions of a high school environment
  • Dedicate all of our resources and energy to these critical elementary and middle school years
  • Instill a sense of leadership in our middle school aged students, and give them opportunity to act as mentors and role models to younger students
  • Partner with parents during this crucial time of growth and development
  • Fully prepare our graduates and their families for their right fit secondary school, and ensure they enter with confidence, poise, and equipped with tools to succeed

We steadfastly believe that staying the course with a K-8 education is critical to your child’s full and healthy development. Regardless of when your child enrolled at Peck, it is crucial that they reach the pinnacle of their Peck education in the 8th grade. For Peck students, 8th grade is truly the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Daisy Savage, Head of the Upper School

Students in our upper school stand at the top of the ladder here and they all have opportunities to lead. They know what is expected of them and they step up with maturity and confidence.  At the same time, they can still be young kids. They have no high school students to imitate or impress. Peck’s safe environment allows them comfort during these awkward and often conformist tween years.

The Upper Grades at Peck

The heart of our K-8 model is our approach to the Upper School (Grades 5 to 8.)  

We call it the Upper School because our students are not “caught in the middle” - overshadowed in these impressionable years by older students in grades 9 to 12.  Beginning in fifth grade, students are given increasing responsibilities and privileges that gradually instill a sense of ownership for their education. Student advisors monitor their growth and usher them towards opportunities for leadership and accountability.

When our students reach the eighth grade, they are truly the upperclassmen on our campus with all the privileges and responsibilities that come with the role.

  • Our students become powerful teens. Eighth graders at Peck edit the newspaper, the Yearbook, captain the sports teams, conduct school-wide community service drives, and organize dances.
  • Our eighth graders are heroes to the younger children. They wear the mantle of leadership almost without knowing they have donned it.
  • Peck students are known for their academic strengths, athletic achievements, leadership skills, and community service.
  • The continuum of their experience at Peck springboards our graduates into much greater success at the high school level.
  • Secondary schools are eager to receive our eighth grade graduates. They know what to expect from Peck – young leaders and strong scholars who enter their high schools with an exuberant stride to become their National Merit Finalists, school presidents, champion debaters, house prefects, All State Athletes, and more.
  • Peck’s K-8 allows growth, exploration, and failure. It allows children to know and be known. The student-teacher partnership comes to a perfect crescendo as students reach their eighth grade year.
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