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Learning about Germs and Bacteria in Gr. 4

Germs are microscopic organisms (or living things) that can cause illness. They exist on a microscopic scale and infect our bodies without our knowledge, only manifesting themselves when we develop symptoms.
During the fourth-graders’ health and wellness unit, students in Dr. Kennedy's science classroom learned all about germs through a fun and interactive lab. Students began the "Outbreak!" lab by rubbing lotion on their hands, some of which were infected with the "glo-germ." Following that, each student shakes hands with two people from their own table and checks their hands for signs of disease spread utilizing a UV light. They repeated these steps with each round, and more students became infected. Fourth graders then used their analytical skills to record the location of each infected student, the number of infected students, and a description of the glo-germ infection on each student's hands.



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