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‘Move-Its’ in Lower School Music Intensives

As a way to express music without using their voices, Lower School students use their hands, bodies, and a variety of conventional (and unconventional) materials to perform a song.  Called ‘Move-Its,’ these daily activities get students up and moving, and creatively harmonize with a piece of music and it’s artistic form.

For example, third-grade students recently performed a “Move It” activity to the American Fiddle Tune, Soldier’s Joy, using colorful plastic plates to explore the song's musical elements such as form, macro and micro beat, and artistic quality.

Lower School Music Teacher Lisa Wichman says,  "These creative activities are a way for students to connect with the expressive part of music. Movements reflect the distinctive quality and form of a selected piece of music, and often elicit those 'goosebump' moments that happen when we truly connect with the expressive intent of the composer."