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  • March

    Peck Students Head to State for National History Day

    Eleven projects (representing 18 students) have been selected to progress to the National History Day state competition following a rigorous judging process at the regional level of competition in early March. 
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  • Dancing Around The World in Fourth Grade

    If you stopped by the fourth grade music class on Friday, March 2, you’d have heard students shouting with delight in Russian: “Sa-SHA! Sa-SHA! Raz, Dva, Tri!" The chants are part of a traditional folk dance, called “Sasha,” that is thought to have originated in Russia. It’s catchy and fast-paced, involving clapping, chanting, and—much to the delight of the fourth graders—quite a bit of gleeful twirling with their partners. 
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  • Four Eighth Graders Compete in Middle School Ethics Bowl

    Four eighth graders competed last weekend in the Middle School Ethics Bowl hosted by Kent Place School. In their third year competing, the Peck team performed strongly and ultimately won one of out the three cases they participated in.
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  • February

    Author Dan Gutman Visits Peck Second Graders Virtually

    On February 10, popular children's author Dan Gutman virtually visited second graders at The Peck School in Morristown, NJ. The students were thrilled to hear from the author of the Baseball Card Adventures and My Weird School series, who shared his inspiration for writing and the process of creating a book.
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  • Starting the Year with Haiku and Poetry in Sixth-Grade English

    For Peck sixth graders, the return to their English classes after winter break brought an unexpected surprise—they’d begin incorporating haiku into their usual class routine.
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  • Third Grade "Project Runway" for 100th Day of School

    The Peck School held its annual Third-Grade Project Runway assembly on Friday to celebrate the 100th day of school. Lower School students, their teachers, and parents of third graders met in The Peck Commons to watch the fashion show—and it was a spectacle of color and creativity!
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  • Moana Jr. the Musical at The Peck School!

    Each year, Upper School students have a choice for the winter: Sports or song? This year, students that chose "song" began their journey into the production of Moana Jr. the Musical!
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  • Celebrating Lunar New Year in Second Grade

    Second graders celebrated the Lunar New Year during a recent family share!
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  • Recognized Winter Athletes

    Each season, our community comes together and recognizes athletes within our community for their sportsmanship, perseverance, and Peck Pride. Here is our first round of recognized athletes for the winter season!
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  • Research and Writing in Fifth Grade

    Fifth graders have taken a giant step in their educational journey by writing their first research papers on ancient Egypt.
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  • A Record Breaking Pasta for Preschool!

    This past week, seventh-grade students organized a record-breaking event to raise funds for Preschool Advantage, a local non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality early education to underserved children.
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  • Faculty & Staff Recognition Assembly

    Teachers at The Peck School are well known for their dedication to their students, to their craft, and to the school community. For many, that dedication also means a literal dedication of years of service to educating tomorrow’s leaders, thinkers, and change-makers.
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  • NYU Visits First Grade Science

    Students in several science classes had an exciting and unique opportunity to learn about science from some of the brightest minds in the field. Guest teachers from New York University (NYU) visited Peck to teach students in some of the first, third and eighth grade classes about solar panel materials and other scientific concepts.
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  • January

    Eighth-Grade Pin Ceremony

    The Peck School Pin is a cherished symbol of graduation and achievement for eighth-grade students
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  • Penguin Day at the K!

    Our kindergartners had an unforgettable day learning about penguins last week!
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  • Gr. 8 Escape Room!

    These past few weeks, eighth-grade Creative Computing students created a fun and interactive escape room experience for their peers, resulting in a magnificent escape room adventure
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  • Learning about Germs and Bacteria in Gr. 4

    Germs are microscopic organisms (or living things) that can cause illness. They exist on a microscopic scale and infect our bodies without our knowledge, only manifesting themselves when we develop symptoms.
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  • Gr. 3 Sculpture and Art

    Walking into the Lower School Art Classroom presents an impressive display of color and form, as our third graders were completing their relief sculptures.
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  • Gr. 5 Mixtures and Solutions

    Exclamations of “Ramen! Soup!” and more may have you thinking that you had walked into the dining hall, but there was a distinct lack of food in Ms. Roth’s fifth-grade science classroom.
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  • National History Day 2023 Qualifiers

    From Bell Labs to The California Gold Rush, The Peck School was a showcase for “Frontiers in History” as sixth-through-eighth-graders showcased their National History Day projects for parents and peers. 
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  • The Return of our Holiday Concerts!

    The decades-long Peck tradition of coming together on the eve before Winter Break epitomizes the true spirit of our community: the simple joy of being together
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