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Sixth Grade Speeches: A Showcase of Student Voices

Sixth Grade Speeches: A Showcase of Student Voices

At Peck, the sixth-grade speech assembly is a milestone event that celebrates the art of public speaking. This annual assembly isn't just a platform for students to showcase their speaking skills but a culmination of months of dedicated practice and learning.

In their public speaking class, every sixth grader at Peck is introduced to the essentials of effective communication. They learn the importance of maintaining eye contact to engage their audience, using vocal variety to keep their listeners interested, and pacing their speech to ensure clarity and impact. These foundational skills are practiced and honed through various exercises and presentations throughout the course.

The highlight of this journey is the speech contest, where classmates vote on their two favorite speeches from each class, to be judged by anonymous faculty members in front of the greater school community at an assembly. Speeches often reflect on the personal experiences and heartfelt stories of the students including losing a loved one, the challenge of being the new kid at school, and close family ties.

“Public speaking is a core component of the Peck experience, which is why we intentionally create public speaking opportunities for our students as young as kindergarten and build on those skills all the way through eighth grade with eighth-grade speeches and capstone presentations,” says Head of School and Public Speaking Teacher Andy Delinsky. "The sixth-grade speech class and assembly at Peck is more than just an academic exercise; they provide an opportunity to build confidence, encourage empathy, and allow students to celebrate unique experiences and perspectives.”

Congratulations to Gray S. '26 for winning this year’s contest!

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