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Robin Ross 2024

Robin Ross 2024

Another year has flown by and our fourth-grade class is ready to begin their journey into the Upper School!

In order to commemorate their growth throughout the Lower School InDeCoRe program, the Class of 2028 took part in Peck’s annual Robin Ross Assembly—a ceremony that celebrates the fourth-grade students’ development thus far and cheers them on as they journey into the Upper School as fifth graders next year.

“Through your time in the Lower School, you have been encouraged to reach high standards in all you do. You have applied yourself with fortitude and displayed teamwork daily, in and out of the classroom. Working with your exceptional teachers, Mrs. Carr, Mrs. Regan, Mrs. Keane, and Ms. Tecza, you are ending the year more than ready to take on the challenges of fifth grade,” said Ashley Tabor, head of the Lower School.

The Robin Ross Fund, established in honor of Robin Ross at the Community Foundation of New Jersey, is the principal sponsor of the event. Robin Ross was a former student at Peck, and her family created the fund in her memory.

Newly turned fifth graders received a copy of “What the Road Said,” a New York Times-bestselling comforting and uplifting picture book from bestselling poet and activist Cleo Wade.

The assembly also included the presentation of three student awards and Peck’s Community Service Award.

The Sheila S. Slutsker Creative Arts Award was presented to Annabelle Scott by Sheila Slutsker, former head of the Lower School. The award is given in recognition of exceptional talent in music, fine arts, drama, or creative writing.

The Andy Gaffney Sportsmanship Award was presented to Dean Elassir and Lulu Zemaitis by former Peck parents Philip Gaffney, in recognition of outstanding qualities of leadership, consideration, and fair play in the eyes of both students and faculty.

The John J. Kowalik InDeCoRe Award, named after Peck’s former Head of School John Kowalik, was presented to Tyler Baker. The recipient is nominated by their peers, and presented in recognition of demonstrating Peck’s core values of Care, Courage, Gratitude, Respect, and Responsibility.

Peck’s Community Service Award, also given annually, was presented to the Morris Minute Men Emergency Medical Services, an all-volunteer EMS organization that has been serving the Morris Township area since 1941, responding to 911 emergency calls 24/7, 365 days a year.

Peck’s Community Service Award was established in 2007 by the Board of Trustees, which is given annually to a member or organization of the Morristown community who merits distinction as a result of their personal dedication, community commitment, and service to others.

“This year’s award recipient is just as remarkable as our past recipients and truly embodies community responsibility and consideration of others -- their reach and impact in the greater Morristown community is inspiring,” said Head of School Andy Delinsky.

Minute Men volunteers consist of active emergency responders and state-certified Emergency Medical Technicians from all walks of life, from high school students, including Peck alumnus Thatcher Neville, class of 2020, to parents, local business owners, and retirees.

Not only do they help their neighbors in medical situations, but also Morris Minute Men provides free emergency medical technician training to become state-certified EMTs. They are involved with many community events such as high school football games, July 4th Family Day, community fairs, carnivals, 5K races, and half-marathons, where they are ready to respond to any medical emergencies. 
“If you have ever needed emergency medical services, there is a good chance the Minute Men were the ones that helped,” Delinsky said.

Some of our past Community Service Award winners include Kids To Kids, Jill and Stewart Lasser of Preschool Advantage (2021), Callie Danysh (a Morris Township fifth grader who started Flags of Gratitude), The Interfaith Food Pantry, the late Marty Epstein of Marty’s Reliable Cycle, Charlie Lia of Wesley’s Toy Box, and Shaun Ananko of Grow it Green.

Congratulations to the Class of 2028!

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