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Cookies for Kopila

Cookies for Kopila

More than 15 years ago, The Peck School initiated a close partnership with BlinkNow and the Kopila Valley School (KVS) in Nepal, after recognizing co-founder Maggie Doyne with its annual Community Service Award.

Over the years, that partnership has resulted in a rich cross-cultural connection for our students and community, through regular communication, teacher and student exchanges, philanthropic support, and collaboration. 

The relationship also offers our students leadership opportunities, as more than a decade ago, the Peck Student Council pledged to support a student’s tuition at KVS for the years to come.  That torch has been passed down from Council to Council all the way to today—when this year’s Student Council held their annual “Cookies for Kopila” fundraiser.

“I was very proud to be part of this effort,” says Becky Yu '27. “We raised $408.93 on a SINGLE day, and my cookie pyramid helped make that happen!” 

From a single initiative to provide a home for children in Nepal, KVS and BlinkNow have grown to become a true foundation for the future of underserved communities in Nepal. The campus is both a home and a school; a place where students can enjoy a nutritious meal, have access to basic medical and dental care, and take part in after-school activities like sports, music and dance, crafts, and cooking classes. The organization serves both children and adults, with a Mental Health and Counseling Center, the Kopila Valley Health Clinic, a tutoring room, a computer lab, stage, and a small library.

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