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Are You Squidding Me?

Are You Squidding Me?

At The Peck School, fourth graders dove into a fascinating hands-on learning experience: squid dissection. This unique opportunity is part of their life cycle curriculum, where students explore how living organisms grow, change, and adapt to their environments.

The squid dissection is a highlight of their studies on adaptations and survival in the ocean. Leading up to this activity, students have been busy learning about both the internal and external anatomy of squids, and the safety precautions necessary for conducting dissections.

Peck students have the unique opportunity of dissecting squids at such a young age in the Lower School. Squids, however, are an ideal choice for younger students. Their anatomy is clear and prominent, making it easier for fourth graders to identify different parts. Plus, all they need is a pair of scissors to get started. At Peck, every student gets their own squid to dissect, ensuring a personal and immersive experience.

One of the most memorable parts of the dissection is at the end when students use the squid’s rudimentary backbone to write their names on paper using ink from the squid’s ink sack. This creative twist not only solidifies their understanding of squid anatomy but also adds an element of fun to the learning process.

"The squid dissection is just the right mix of gross and interesting to leave a lasting impact on the students. They really get a lot out of this hands-on activity like this!" said Lower School Science and Design Teacher Kathy Kennedy.

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