Service Learning

There’s nothing quite like bringing a smile to the face of a friend or neighbor—whether it’s just down the street or on the other side of the world. At Peck, our students find themselves doing just that through our Community Service Program.
Instilling and reinforcing a sense of social awareness in your son or daughter is a fundamental aspect of our educational experience. Beginning in Kindergarten and extending throughout their years at Peck, students devote time and energy to serving the local and global communities through meaningful—and fun—hands-on activities. Some of these include:

  • Food Drive & Hunger Walk - helping the Community Soup Kitchen of Morristown.
  • Candy Drive - donating individually wrapped candy to charitable organizations serving children, and our American troops and veterans at home and overseas.
  • Maggie Doyne - making life better for Nepalese children at the Kopila Valley Children’s Home.
  • Earth Day - helping out with environmental conservation initiatives.
  • PG Chambers School - working with developmentally disabled children across the country.
  • Community Soup Kitchen - helping the hungry in and around Morristown.
  • Operation Holiday - collecting and organizing Christmas gifts for those in need.
Each grade is paired with a specific organization for a year-long service learning project, aligning with each grade's specific service learning theme.  Themes range fromCompassion and Caring, to Kids Helping Kids, to Environmental Stewardship, and more.  In the Eighth Grade, students choose their own theme and partner organization.
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