Our Parent Partnership

Jamie Foley, Peck Parent

We expect our parents to be participative in the Peck experience because we are a community.

Our Parent Partnership

As you consider the unique opportunities offered by Peck, please keep in mind the important responsibilities of a Peck parent. Parents play an essential and positive role in the life of a Peck education. In addition to their parental role, they also support the faculty and administration through volunteer activities and events. 

Communication between home and school is one of the cornerstones of a Peck education. Working together, hand in hand as a team, is the most effective way to provide each student with the support, guidance, and encouragement needed during their education at Peck.

Positive effort, cooperation, and understanding from parents allows us to be effective in our work. Students and teachers are inspired to even greater efforts as they observe parent’s involvement and feel parent’s support in the educational process and in the total life of the school community.

List of 3 frequently asked questions.

  • Q.
    What are my responsibilities to my child’s school activities?

    • to review the Family Handbook with my child and support its policies;
    • to attend Back-to-School Night and other informative meetings;
    • to support class activities such as assemblies, plays, sports events, and trips;
    • to support the Parents’ Association as a volunteer in different capacities;
    • to read the School’s publications and keep informed about school events.
    We expect your family to be interested in all activities at the School. The Peck School is a community of caring parents, faculty, and administrators who demonstrate this commitment through involvement in the life of their school. Volunteerism is a way of life at The Peck School.
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    What are my responsibilities to my child who is a Peck student?

    • to ensure my child arrives to school on time and in the proper dress code;
    • to maintain regular school attendance by scheduling family trips during school holidays;
    • to ensure that my child has sufficient scheduled time and a quiet environment for homework;
    • to inform my child’s teacher of any behavior patterns or change in attitude which may affect his or her school performance;
    • to communicate with my child’s teacher by scheduling an individual conference and by making a brief phone call if necessary;
    • to demonstrate my interest by talking with my child about his or her schoolwork;
    • to reinforce, at home, the School’s core values—consideration and respect for others, personal responsibility, and strong sense of moral values.
  • Q.
    What are my responsibilities to the financial support of my child’s school?

    • to return my enrollment contract and make my tuition payments on time;
    • to contribute to the Annual Fund according to my financial ability;
    • to support the capital needs of Peck according to my financial ability.
    As in other independent schools, the full cost of your child’s education at Peck greatly exceeds tuition income. The school depends upon voluntary giving from its parents, alumni, and other constituencies both to balance its yearly operating budget and to ensure financial stability for tomorrow. Accordingly, we ask the entire Peck community to participate in the Annual Fund. Your support indicates a commitment to Peck’s mission and philosophy, its academic program, and its dedicated faculty.
    While contributions are not mandatory, we encourage members of the Peck community to contribute according to their means. Tax-deductible contributions have a significant impact on holding down tuition which is, of course, paid with “after tax” dollars.

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