Life Skills and Traits

Peck’s motto, Disciplina ad Vivendum (“Learning for Life”), may have been adopted more than half a century ago, but it still lights the way as we select the life skills, traits, and habits that will allow today’s students to become interested, productive, and successful adults:

  • Public Speaking
  • Collaboration
  • Global Perspective
  • Real World Problem Solving
  • Information Literacy
  • Critical Thinking
  • A Growth Mindset

Life Skills:

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  • Speak with Confidence

    Public Speaking is the ability to speak with poise and confidence to a group of people. In a structured deliberate manner, a skilled public speaker will inform, persuade, or entertain the listening audience.
  • Work Collaboratively

    Collaboration is the process of planning and working together with others. It is the recognition and appreciation that much can be achieved when individuals act in concert with others, accept their roles, fulfill their responsibilities, and strive toward a common goal.
  • Understand the World

    Global Perspective is both the awareness of the political, economic, environmental and cultural forces that shape our world and the recognition of the interdependence of people and nations. Such understanding gives students the appreciation, empathy, and strength to participate effectively in their communities and beyond.
  • Connect Theory and Practice

    Real World Problem Solving presents students with opportunities to work together, explore and address current issues, and draw connections between classroom theory and real world situations.
  • Use Information Wisely

    Information Literacy is the ability to locate, organize, analyze, evaluate, synthesize, and ethically use information from a variety of sources (print, media, digital, etc.) so that the information may be used or presented in the appropriate format.
  • Think Critically

    Critical Thinking is a disciplined, precise, process of analysis. It provides the understanding that guides a student toward reason in thought and behavior. It is the fair and practical application of the scientific method to situations, issues, or challenges.
  • Accept New Challenges and Grow

    A Growth Mindset provides the willingness to engage in new challenges, the energy to persevere, and the ability to learn from experience. The habits of mind and body developed lead to a purposeful life.
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