Advisory Program

More than anything, you want to know that your child is being supported, looked after, and guided with compassion and competence. So do we. In fact, nothing is more important to us than each student’s personal and intellectual growth, character formation, and sense of community responsibility.

Our Upper School Advisory Program (Grades 5-8) is designed to pick up where the Lower School Homeroom relationships leave off.  After students transition to the Upper School in fifth grade, they are each paired with a dedicated faculty advisor who:
  • Serves as a consistent adult contact and advocate, regardless of topic or issue
  • Helps set, strive for, measure, and attain goals for behavior, learning, and social relationships
  • Provides a structured forum for character education
  • Helps them become more productive learners
  • Acts as a first point-of-contact for parents on issues other than subject-specific matters
Advisory is neither a time nor a is a relationship.

What is Advisory Time?

Creating meaningful relationships with advisees is paramount, so we broadly define “Advisory Time.” Morning Homeroom is a great way to check in, set the tone for a productive day, create fun routines and provide important reminders.
Peck Block three days out of the cycle offers extended time to connect as a group, conduct discussion and deliver the more formal aspects of the Advisory Curriculum.  

Academic Support is an excellent time to teach study skills and self-advocacy, and to follow up on teacher feedback gathered during Team Meetings.

Afternoon Homeroom provides students closure to their day. Advisors use this time to help students develop organization skills, follow up on issues from the day and deliver the Peck “handshake and good night”.
Class, Sports and Passing Time also allow advisors to connect less formally with advisees and can offer the deepest insight into children’s passions and strengths. Children can also be at their most vulnerable during these times and most in need of advisor support.

Supporting Intellectual Growth

Your child will work closely with his or her advisor in such areas as goal setting, developing strong study and organizational skills, and monitoring academic progress.

Building Character

Your child and his or her advisor will work to develop school values through exercises in academic integrity, stress management, decision-making and problem-solving skills, healthy communication, morals and ethics, and personal identity and self-image.

Promoting Community Responsibility

Your child will work with his or her advisor on ways to contribute to a positive school and class climate, ways to serve the wider community, and how to lead well. Through these activities and discussions with his or her advisor, your child will also learn to become a responsible global citizen.
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