A Diverse Community

Peck is a community of people that represent different ethnicities, a vibrant range of cultural and racial backgrounds, and varying religious and socio-economic backgrounds. Our families come from 39 different communities throughout the state, and our students enjoy an abundance of programming and resources focused on embracing diversity. Our curriculum provides students ample opportunity to experience our world and gain a deeper appreciation for other cultures.

Peck's Diversity and Inclusion Statement

At The Peck School, our diversity and inclusion efforts are guided by our firm belief in Consideration of Others, which has long been a hallmark of our school and the guiding principle for students, faculty, staff, and families.  Through our efforts, we foster a community of inclusion that respects the dignity and humanity of each individual. We genuinely embrace and celebrate uniqueness and promote respect for all. We honor and value each person’s identity, inclusive of diverse races, ethnicities, genders, religions, socio-economic classes, abilities, sexual orientations and learning styles.

Peck’s K-8 program actively seeks developmentally appropriate opportunities to teach empathy and embrace diversity, inclusion, and cultural competency.  Through a focus on developing a global perspective, Peck students gain a deeper appreciation for other cultures and backgrounds. The school is fully committed to equity, inclusion, and justice for our community and for the greater good.