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Investing in Your Child

Why do parents enroll their elementary and middle school-aged children at Peck?

The answer is simple: parents want their children to grow up in a school that can both cherish and challenge them while helping them grow into confident, kind adults. Research into what parents look for in schools—both public and private—shows, time and time again, that external outcomes such as high school/college placements are not the ultimate motivator. Instead, parents want schools to help their children develop a healthy relationship with learning, foster happiness, promote emotional well-being, value kindness, develop strong character, and ensure rigorous academics to support them in reaching their fullest potential.

A Peck education delivers both a deep and meaningful academic experience and an enriching social-emotional experience. 


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Kindergarten: $41,500
Grades 1- 4: $44,100
Grades 5-8: $47,700

Tuition covers instruction, textbooks, classroom materials, student publications, athletics, standardized testing, science lab materials, art studio and woodshop supplies, snacks for all students, and lunch for Grades 1-8.

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Additional Fees

I completely attribute my academic and educational success in high school and university to the life lessons I learned at Peck. I am the student I am today because of the experiences I had at Peck, and it has allowed me to enjoy learning throughout my education.

Peck Alum



Affording Peck

At Peck, we're committed to ensuring that every child has the opportunity to experience our exceptional program and reach their full potential, regardless of a family's ability to pay. 

We believe that by fostering a diverse community, we enrich the educational experience for all students, preparing them to become empathetic, globally-minded citizens in an ever-changing world.



Tuition Assistance

Peck is committed to enrolling qualified candidates from all socioeconomic backgrounds and accordingly offers a strong tuition assistance program based on each family’s demonstrated need. 

Peck uses a third-party partner, School & Student Services (SSS), to inform the school's financial aid decisions. SSS (formerly TADS) is an industry leader in tuition assistance assessments and offers a user-friendly experience through its secure, cloud-based app.

Admissions decisions are made independently of requested tuition assistance and is awarded only to students who have completed the admissions application process and have been accepted. Notifications are made at the same time as admissions decisions.

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How to Apply for Tuition Assistance