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portrait of a graduate

At Peck, we believe in preparing students not just for exams, but for life. Our Portrait of a Graduate framework serves as a beacon, guiding our curricular development, instructional practices, and and social-emotional programming. By emphasizing critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and resilience, we ensure that every aspect of the educational experience is tailored to produce graduates who are well-rounded, empowered, and ready to thrive in college, career, and community.

At Peck, our 'Portrait of a Graduate' isn't just a framework; it's our commitment to shaping students into empowered individuals equipped for success in an ever-evolving world. By focusing on a holistic set of skills and attributes that go beyond academics, we ensure that our graduates emerge as confident, adaptable, and ethical leaders ready to tackle any challenge they may encounter.

Our portrait of a graduate encompasses 10 characteristics that ensure Peck graduates are well-rounded and set up for success in high school and beyond: