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Then and Now

In 1893, six students made up the inaugural class of what would, by 1918, become known as The Peck School. This launched a legacy of joyful childhood education characterized by community, caring, and the Consideration of Others.

Our History

Roots of Today's Traditions

Many of the traditions that students and their families enjoy today have deep historical roots. While each Peck tradition is unique, they all center around community and building belonging.


Since 1951: Downy vs. Redhead

During the 1951-52 school year, then-Girls' Athletics Director Taz Brower created a club system and incorporated it into a community field day celebrating Peck school spirit. By student suggestion, two new teams—named after two local species of woodpecker, the Downys and the Redheads— were born and have left an indelible mark on generations of Peck families.

Students are randomly assigned to either the Downy or Redhead team upon enrollment (unless they follow an older sibling or an alum parent, in which case they join their relation's team). The competition has held differing formats over the years but has always culminated in a spirited field day that includes games, races, and grade-level Tug of Wars.

Throughout the year, students earn points for their respective teams through structured competitions, by earning “Job Well Done” tickets for exhibiting behavior that exemplifies the school's core values, and of course, at Downy-Redhead Field Day.

History and Traditions