Modern Technologies in Teaching Technique:

How Peck's Technology, Innovation, & Design Team Supports a Culture of Teaching Excellence

At Peck, technology in the classroom isn’t an end unto itself. Technology is merely an aid, like any other classroom tool, used to enhance the process of learning. When used strategically, technology can push students to explore new worlds and help teachers find inventive ways to present subject matter.

Peck’s 2015 Strategic Plan aspires to equip all teachers with the appropriate technologies to enhance presentation, facilitate collaboration, and ignite discussion. The school's Technology, Innovation, & Design Department takes the lead role to ensure that Peck's teachers and classrooms are equipped with both the tools and the training that underlie a culture of teaching excellence.

Kevin Grieshaber, Director of Technology, Innovation, & Design

Because design can leverage high tech, low tech, or no tech, we look at all options to help faculty and students achieve specific curricular outcomes.  The changing of our department's name from "Technology" to "Technology, Innovation, & Design" shows our broader focus in deploying both proven and emerging technologies schoolwide, with an eye towards innovation in the classroom and teaching practices.



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