Our work these past four years has been to strengthen our community, which starts with people.  We’ve sought to find new ways to bring our students and families together; we’ve worked to further cement our commitment to diversity and inclusion; we’ve prioritized reconnecting with alumni, and we’ve continued to value the health and wellness of our students. And that’s just the start of it.

Welcome to the digital companion for A Transformative Community.

Welcome to the digital companion for our fall/winter 2019 Peck News magazine, A Transformative Community: A journey through Part III of Peck's strategic plan.

Our print issue is the final in a three-part series focusing on the progress we've made since the inception of our 2015 Strategic Plan. It highlights the seven aspirations of Part III and explores how Peck thoughtfully, and intentionally, builds a welcoming, inclusive, and close-knit community haven for children and their families. Peck is a school that fosters lifelong connections, which, for generations, have powered our extraordinary K-8 experience.

Read the full magazine online below, and explore our supplementary digital content which helps bring the Strategic Plan's Part III aspirations to life.




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