Andy Delinsky, Head of School

A good, thoughtful strategic plan should set a clear and aspirational roadmap for a school to follow: a roadmap that is faithful to a school’s mission while further preparing it to thrive into the future. Our 2015 plan did just that, and I couldn’t be more proud of the work we’ve done these past few years.

Welcome to the digital companion for Integrated and Inspirational Learning.

Welcome to the digital companion for our fall/winter 2018 Peck News magazine, Integrated and Inspirational Learning: A journey through Part 1 of Peck's strategic plan.

Our print issue is the first of a three-part series focusing on the progress we've made since the inception of our 2015 Strategic Plan. It highlights the eleven aspirations of Part 1, and explores the paths we've taken as we aspire to provide authentic learning experiences, rooted in Peck's life skills and traits, that prompt students to form deeper, more meaningful connections with each other and across disciplines.

Read the full magazine online below, and explore our supplementary digital content which helps bring the Strategic Plan's Part 1 aspirations to life.  

Our next two issues (and supplementary digital content) will cover Part 2: A Culture of Teaching Excellence in spring 2019, and Part 3: A Transformative Community in fall/winter 2019.

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