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Peck’s program is inspired by our institutional belief that, in life, knowledge must be guided by values. Whether in the virtual environment or physical one, this remains our guiding principle as we adapt our timeless and transformational program to the unique challenges and opportunities that arise during a time of social distancing. While distance learning cannot fully replace what happens face-to-face at Peck, our approach to virtual learning nurtures authentic student engagement, affords ample space for small-group and individualized attention, and preserves the strong ties that bind the Peck community.
Our distance learning program has five main goals: 
  • to deliver the innovative, inspiring, and rigorous program that Peck is known for, albeit virtually;  
  • to maintain a strong sense of community and teacher-student relationships; 
  • to nurture student agency, curiosity, and an authentic love of learning; 
  • to provide support and resources for families during this challenging time; and finally, 
  • to learn and grow together during this unique and unprecedented time.

Sustaining Our Community

Our commitment to maintaining our close-knit community informs every facet of our distance learning program, from face-to-face connections afforded by synchronous classroom learning, to frequent 1:1 check-ins between teachers, students, and parents. Outside of our academic framework, we keep families connected by: 
  • Maintaining our Downy/Redhead Tradition: A beloved tradition in the Peck experience, students can virtually earn points for their team via "Job Well Done" tickets for exceptional contributions to the community or GooseChase virtual scavenger hunt missions.

  • Daily Greetings: Teachers and students send daily "hello" videos with positive messages to our community. 

  • Frequent Virtual Community Gatherings: We host weekly assemblies for students and their teachers, as well as virtual "class coffees" for parents to touch base with each other and their children's teachers/administrators.

From the Distance Learning Classroom

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What resources are available for parents?

    Peck places a high value on maintaining a strong partnership and open communication with parents and families, whether we can be physically together on campus or not.  In addition to daily communications, a “digital” open door policy for administrators and teachers, and the resources of our two school psychologists, Peck has compiled a parent resource page to serve as a communication hub for updates, FAQs, past communications, resources, and suggestions for activities to do at home.
  • Is the Admissions Office still open?

    Our Admissions Office is most certainly open—albeit, virtually!  As a first stop, we encourage you to schedule a Virtual Parent Meeting with a member of our Admissions Team. 
  • How can I tour campus and learn more about Peck’s program?

    Please schedule a Virtual Parent Meeting with a member of our Admissions Team. For a sneak peek into academic and campus life, you can explore our Visit Peck page for 360 degree virtual tours and an aerial tour of campus, as well as watch students and classes in action in our official school video.
  • How is Peck maintaining the teacher-student relationship?

    From day one, students at Peck are warmly welcomed into nurturing classroom communities. This leads to a sense of belonging and connection that is crucial to the wellbeing of our students, especially during this period of distance learning.

    Multiple live classes are held daily for all students throughout K-8.  Classes meet via Zoom as homerooms or, in the Upper School, as small-sectioned groups, in order to maintain our low teacher-student ratio. Within this segmentation, smaller breakout groups are also used to provide targeted differentiated instruction and maintain personal connections.

    In our Lower School (Grades K-4), students start and end each day in "Morning Meeting" and "Closing Circle," which include time for socialization, group storytime, sharing, and fun activities.

    In our Upper School (Grades 5-8), students have daily time with their advisory groups, which provide space for connection, friendship, mutual support, and meaningful group discussion.

    In addition, homeroom teachers and advisors regularly hold 1:1 informal check-ins with students to maintain an individual relationship.
  • How were the various online tools chosen for distance learning?

    Our faculty and students are used to using a variety of digital tools and virtual classroom spaces to support their learning, from kindergarten through eighth grade.

    In addition, during our planning stages for the transition to distance learning, Peck’s Technology, Innovation, & Design team led a comprehensive vetting process as well as intensive training for other necessary tools to support the program, such as Zoom video conferencing. They are continuously monitoring the efficacy of these tools in supporting our distance learning program, as well as exploring new tools as needs arise.
  • What are the distance learning schedules like?

    We have implemented distance learning frameworks for our Lower School (Grades K-4) and Upper School (Grades 5-8) that first establish division goals and overarching daily and weekly schedules. This approach allows us to adapt as we progress through distance learning, and to improve upon daily subject schedules as fits the needs of our students and faculty.

    We retain our small class sizes for optimal differentiated instruction. Live classes typically meet as homerooms (Grades K-4) or small/Advisory groups (Grades 5-8), with smaller breakout groups occuring within a live lesson as needed.

    Each grade has a customized schedule, with a mixture of synchronous and asynchronous learning, as well as opportunities for enrichment. Students receive daily and weekly assignments, which includes expectations for at-home reading.

    See daily subject schedules for:
  • Will Peck cover as much curriculum as they normally would?

    We understand that our students’ home situations during distance learning can vary greatly, from household to household, and day to day. That said, Peck teachers know their students: what they’re capable of, how they learn, where their interests lie, and how best to set them up for success in this new reality.  While we’re progressing through our core curriculum as planned, we’re focusing on excellence not perfection—ensuring that we can pay as much attention to our community’s health and wellness as academic progress.
  • What is Peck doing for end-of-the-year events and eighth-grade graduation?

    Several of Peck's major spring events are time-honored community traditions that bring immediate and extended family members to campus.

    We are continuing to evaluate methods and make thoughtful decisions that will allow our full community to celebrate these traditions, albeit in an untraditional or virtual format.

    We are also working to celebrate The Peck School Class of 2020 in a number of ways, including planning for a modified in-person Commencement Ceremony for the graduates and their families at a later date, when we are safely able to do so.
  • How is the Secondary School office supporting students during remote learning?

    Students typically spend the summer after seventh grade thinking about what kind of eighth grader they will be, and we can certainly prepare them to do that from afar. Our Director of Secondary School, Christine Williams, is in touch with every seventh-grade family to formulate an appropriate preparation and application plan for each individual student.

    Additionally, preparations for eighth-grade leadership positions (such as Student Council and the Peck InDeCoRe Committee, among others) have continued as planned.
  • How are Peck families engaging with the school community?

    Sustaining our close-knit community as best we can is a primary goal of our distance learning program. Though we’re not together in person, Peck is finding ways to keep our families feeling connected:

    • GooseChase: This fun, user-friendly scavenger hunt app allows us to continue our year long Downy-Redhead challenge with daily missions for students to earn points for their respective teams. Leaderboards are updated and announced weekly to the community.  Watch our Instagram channel for mission submissions!

    • Pride’s Student Corner: A dedicated space for students, this webpage features daily “hellos” from a community member, fun videos, activities, reading resources, and fitness challenges.

    • Camp Peck: Our AfterSchool and Auxiliary Programs Coordinator Ms. White leads live enrichment classes that bring fun and creativity for the whole family!  Past activities have included making sock bunnies, baking muffins with Mrs. Hunt (Peck's beloved receptionist), building a terrarium, engineering a dragon nightlight, and more. Explore our Camp Peck offerings on our Pride's Student Corner page!

    • Live Community Sessions via Zoom video conferencing:
      • Weekly All-School Assemblies
      • Weekly Upper School (Gr. 5-8) Assemblies
      • Daily Upper School Advisory group meetings and 1:1 check-ins
      • Daily Morning Meeting and Closing Circle for Lower School (Gr. K-4)

    • Daily communications to parents with information and updates, “hello” videos, distance learning news, teacher podcasts, and more.

Hello from Peck!

    • Hello from Summer D. '20!

      From cheery "hellos" to warm welcomes, Peck is a community that thrives in the everyday moments that build healthy and strong relationships. And now? Peck teachers and students have still found a way to connect—every day—with greetings, happy thoughts, and messages of encouragement. Here are just a few of our "Daily Hellos" for our families and faculty.



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